Bedore Tours, Get Out and See the Falls

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Niagara falls trip
Want to participate in niagara falls tours? Visit Washington, D.C.? Travel through wine country in a bus? Bedore tours has more than sixty years experience doing just that. Bedore has been providing niagara tours since Gordon Bedore started the businesses in the 1950s. niagara falls bus tours remain at the center of its operations. Gordon Bedore began his niagara falls tours with limousines that left from the parking lot of a Howard Johnsons restaurant. The company was acquired by John OHear in 1988 and it has expanded rabidly in a short amount of time. Bedore now has a fleet of over 20 vehicles. These vehicles range from VIP vans to motorcoaches that carry up to 56 guests. This has allowed bedore tours to provide services for more people. People who are not only visiting Niagara Falls, but also want to see Washington, D.C. or the Finger Lakes. niagara falls tours provide an opportunity for anyone to get out and experience something new and beautiful. Niagara Falls provides views which can be discovered no where else and it is for this reason that it is not at all surprising when companies like Bedore Tours prosper.