Things to Do and Places to See in Ohio

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Places to see in ohio
The Midwestern United States offers a lot of picturesque (albeit relatively flat) landscape, climates that greatly vary from summer to winter, and amazing places to visit like Dayton Ohio things to do. There is Chicago, of course, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis. But do not forget about Ohio. There are tons of fun places to go in ohio and places to see in ohio as well. Dayton Ohio things to do are plentiful. There are several defense and aeronautical related Dayton Ohio things to do. For example, Dayton Ohio things to do include the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force as well as the always popular Vectren air show. In addition to Dayton Ohio things to do, there are many tourism in Ohio options. Cleveland is home to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and east of Cleveland is Sandusky, home to Cedar Point Amusement Park. Open from May to Autumn, Cedar Points selection of more than a dozen thrilling roller coasters gives the park its self proclaimed status of roller coaster capital of the world. There is no shortage of professional sporting opportunities in Ohio. Along the southern shore of Lake Erie, you can check out a Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, or Cleveland Cavaliers game. Smack dab in the middle of Ohio is the Midwest’s third largest city, Columbus, which is home to the Blue Jackets. Down in Southern Ohio, about just as far south as you can go before stepping into Kentucky is Cincinnati, which is chockful of Cincinnati activities like Cincinnati Red baseball and Cincinnati Bengals football. There are plenty of lacrosse, soccer, arena football, and minor league teams as well. More on this: