The View From the Fairway

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Luxury golf vacations
The sport of golf has quite a history. Originally born in Scotland in the Middle Ages, golf has become one of the most popular and beloved sports worldwide. So popular in fact that winners of the PGA golf tour can walk away with earnings well into the millions. Last years winner, a Northern Irishmen named Rory McIlroy, won more than $8 million. In spite of its popularity, golf has been the subject of much debate. Disagreements still exist over the origin of its name, and all the way back in 1457, it was banned because Scotland’s King James II thought its popularity detracted from Scottish military prowess. Regardless of the debate, it is a sport often used as a travel destination, and as such, luxury golf vacations are available all over the world. Some of the best golf vacations and golf trip packages reside in the worlds most beautiful landscapes. Thanks to its natural beauty, Hawaii, for example, is home to many luxury golf vacations. The Indonesian island of Bali, which is home to white beaches and a lush climate, is also a luxury golf vacation destination. Luxury golf vacations are often combined with other activities that immerse travelers in other cultures. Other areas touted has having the best luxury golf vacations include Ireland, Scotland, Asia, and many locales in North Americas warmer climates, such as Arizona and California. North Americas cooler climates, too, are a much sought after destination for luxury golf vacations. Resorts in Canada and Colorado attract golf lovers to its luxury golf vacations offerings.