Staying Safe During Your Travels

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Travel safety
When traveling abroad following some basic travel safety tips will keep you and your belongings safe. Many safe traveling tips are common sense guidelines that you may already follow when you are at home. 1. Travel in groups and in well lit areas. People traveling alone can make easy targets for thieves and other ne’er do wells. Traveling in back alleys and on unlit streets can mean many places to hide for criminals. 2. Do not keep all your money in one place. This is one travel safety tip you probably do not follow when you are close to home. When you are home, it can be easy to go to the bank for new checks or cards if you lose your wallet. If you are stranded overseas without any money or access to cash, things can get very difficult. Keep cards, travelers checks or cash in more than one location, store one not on yourself in a hotel safe if possible, that way if your wallet is lost or stolen you still have some access to money. 3. Keep your wallet somewhere other than your back pocket. This travel safety tip can deter pickpockets whether you are home or abroad. A back pocket bulging with a wallet is easy to spot, and easy for nimble fingers thieves to lift without you ever noticing. If you can opt for zipper or button closed pockets inside a jacket, if that is not an option your front pocket may be your best bet. 4. Scan and save all your documents and cards. A digital copy of your passport, visas and credit cards can be of great assistance if your documents are lost or stolen. Some people even take this travel safety tip one step further and keep a photocopy of their documents in the bottom of their suitcase. By doing this you can help get replacement documents at an American consulate even while you are traveling abroad.