How Glamping, A Name For Upscale Camping, Got So Popular

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Holiday cottage in england
The reason that glamping is popular these days is due to the excitement of experiencing a trip with a traditional camping feel while also providing the conveniences of modern life. Finding a holiday cottage with hot tub, taking a holiday in a tipi, going on holiday in a yurt, spending your holiday in Northern Spain and other glamping ideas that feature quirky places to stay can spice up your next trip. A hotel will seem boring compared to staying in a cottage, a yurt, a converted church a castle, a train carriage or a tree house. Going on holiday in finding vacation rentals that have character make a nice change of pace from the bland hotels owned by large corporations. Consider that Mongolia is the largest landlocked country in the world, and that just under 800,000 people went to the Isle of Wight during 2012 for a visit. Both of these destinations offer glamping opportunities. The stories that you will tell after going on a trip to one of these destinations will be much more exciting than the stories you hear from your friends that took the dull route and stayed at a nice hotel on a popular beach. If you want to bring some excitement to your next vacation, speak with a travel agent that has arranged trips for their clients to exciting locales all over the planet. This is a great way to inspire adventurousness in a child, so think about glamping for your next family vacation.